How I Found A Solution To Recording Videos And Taking Pictures All The Same Time

The iPhone has over half a million apps (still counting) for just about everything, So you would figure there’d have to be at least one in store for this. Once you type in the desired focus of your attention, you would find many apps that it does become hard to find the one you want. No need to worry, this article will explain it all.

One late afternoon, I decided to spend a good amount of my time sorting through the App Store and Yes, I finally did find the one.

All iPhone users are well aware of the default camera app; one would find it impossible to record a video and at the same time capture a still image. Firstly you have to go through the stress of stopping the recording process, switching to camera, shooting a picture then switching back to video again. Not Ideal.

I came up with the App called ”QuickPix”. And it is exactly what I was looking for. QuickPix has enabled two buttons, which appear on the screen while recording. One of the buttons is to stop filming and the other is to take a picture. The images are sent straight into the phone’s camera roll, along with the video once you end recording.

When QuickPix takes a photo the picture will be taken as the video’s resolution 1280×720 as opposed to the full 8 megapixel image (iPhone 4s) that you might get if you were to use the camera app, resulting in the picture to be framed differently.

Keeping that in mind, such a thing may not bother most of you and if that is true then QuickPix could be two dollars well spent. For me, I would prefer a high quality picture result. If not then what’s the point of buying an 8 megapixel phone.

Some other advantages of QuickPix are ” Rapid fire” – it has the ability to take 2 pictures per second, ”Quickpic” – A feature given to set focus and exposure of your pictures separately. An Additional setting that will make the app take a snapshot as soon as it loads, making quick image capture a possibility.

Ever Since I have discovered Quickpix, I have been using it for all recording purposes. There have been moments in my life where an instant switch was urged for, to capture those special moments. This app came very handy at the point of time.

Like many other apps, QuickPix also has its very own price tag & a reasonable one at that too.

This app is available at the app store for just $1.99.

The app store has got so many interesting apps all you need to do is to get some time out and target your needs to find out the apps of your desire. Similarly, there are so many interesting apps for the iPad as well. For the latest on Apple and its apps, keep yourself in touch with the app store to find more.